How to deal with privacy leaks and how can data security be improved

How to deal with privacy leaks and how can data security be improved

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Files, folders, photos – not safe:

Data leaks and privacy threats are something that we as users cannot ignore or live without it. No matter how much we want to get rid of them, we simply cannot. Since we cannot stop using the internet, it is hard for us to eliminate all these threats and hence we suffer. But what we do not realize is the fact that we can prevent these attacks from happening only if we take a few meager steps against it.

False promises:

 You must have heard of multiple encryption software and security programs claiming why you need to invest in them to be safe and secure. But what they do not tell you is that instead of spending hefty funds on them, why not take a few meager steps to prevent all of this from happening.

Relax, take action:

Limit the privileges:

In case if you own a company and have several working employees, try not trusting them with blind eyes. If you do, you might just regret it. However, instead of giving out the feeling of you not trusting them, you can also just restrict their access to certain files by putting those restrictions on their devices. Hence, it would look like it isn’t you who is imposing the preventions rather it is a company policy which may be implemented by the HR department. It’s better to be safe than sorry, hence, do whatever it takes to keep your confidential work safe.

Compact your intellectual data:

Keeping your data in multiple positions is not feasible for a large company as you might not be able to keep up the security in multiple regions. However, compacting your data or centralizing them is another way of keeping your data safe. It’s a famous saying that explains this point brilliantly such as ‘do not put all eggs in one basket’. Therefore, storing intellectual data in a centralized library system while possible makes it easier for you to restrict the prying and eyes and move on with no or lesser regret.

Protect the endpoints:

In many cases, portable drives such a USB drives become your worst nightmare when someone just connects it to your device and takes away all your files and folders, leaving you with no data at all or even worst conditions (like Ransomware). The ideal concept is to make sure your device(s) are firmly protected from allowing any unauthorized device from connecting to your system. Any tool that is able to block unauthorized USB flash drives can be equipped and used.

Monitor and control:
while dealing with your clients, vendors, suppliers etc. you need to keep a close monitoring effort to make sure nobody either from external or internal side is able to take away what was once under your ownership.

Don’t stay logged in into your social media accounts:

While you use these socializing websites, you unanimously agree to their terms of condition as most of these sites say ‘by continuing to use our website, you agree to our terms and conditions’. Most of the users aren’t even aware of this small tagline running at the bottom of their screens and eventually end up giving up their utmost security. Hence, be careful while visiting these sites and you must never keep your social media account logged in while being away.


Privacy leaks aren’t an issue but not doing anything against them is a serious issue. A few effortless steps can enable you to gain dependable security without even investing in those hefty software. In severe security cases however, you might just end up investing them.

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