Do Stunning Photography by Using HDR

Do Stunning Photography by Using HDR

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HDR is an acronym for the High Dynamic Range which is the photography practice to get the stunning photographs clicked from your mobile phones. Recently, this technology has been used in the iPhone and some of the android phones. As the name suggests, HDR is used to add the dynamic range which is the ratio of light and dark shades of the photographs. Unlike the common digital camera, the HDR technology takes more than two pictures at a time and then this photo editing software is used to put the best part of the darker image and the best part of the brighter image all together to get the perfect picture. The resultant picture is almost similar to what your eyes see instead of what your camera sees. If you want to know more about HDR then click on

Good time to use HDR

Shooting in the HDR mode always is not the good idea. There are some conditions when you should use the HDR mode to capture the best picture. In the night photography, best results can be obtained by using the HDR shooting mode. If you intent to use HDR with iPhone during night photography then to some extent it is not the good idea as iPhone is not a good camera mobile to click the picture in the low light. It is also a good idea for taking the picture of the indoor architecture where only the natural light is available for illumination. For clicking picture of the portraits in the sunlight and landscapes HDR camera softwares are best to use. Visit to check some photography tips for clicking picture with HDR.

Not a good time to use HDR

Many times, HDR camera can make your photograph worse and you just feel like throwing off your mobile phone. You should not use HDR software for clicking the pictures of the moving things. It will make the images blur. Since, HDR technology uses two or more clicks to get the perfect picture and if there is a difference in the first and the second photograph, then the picture will be merged and the resultant will be a blurred photograph.If one of the pictures captured is too dark and the other is too light, then it will be difficult for the HDR to bring back all the colors in the merged image. In the high contrast scenes also, the resultant picture is no so interesting. If you want to highlight the silhouette or your picture has the dark shadow, then HDR will make the photograph less impressive.

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