A Look into PSD and HTML5 and their Conversion

A Look into PSD and HTML5 and their Conversion

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Website these days have become quite important to create presence in the online world. If you have a website, you will be able to promote your business among a wider audience. A popular trend observed in the online world is the conversion of PSD to HTML5. If you are wondering what is PSD and HTML5 and why this conversion, then here is your answer.

What is PSD?

PSD stands for Photoshop document. It is the native file format of Photoshop. A PSD file allows you edit the look of everything on a web page and hence help you to have a beautiful looking website.

What is HTML5?

The latest edition of HTML is HTML5 that has specific rules regarding the placement and format of graphics, images, audio, video and text on a web page. It has certain tags and elements that can be utilised by the programmer to create web pages in unique and creative ways.

Why Convert to HTML5 from PSD?

There is not just one but several reasons to opt for PSD to HTML5 conversion. First reason for this conversion is that it is not possible to have a responsive website with PSD but it is possible with HTML5. Yes, HTML5 allows you to have responsive website, that is, a website that loads and functions properly on different devices with different screen sizes. Second reason for this conversion is that most of the PSD website fail to load on several browsers thereby annoying the users. This is not the case with HTML5 websites. The websites based on HTML5 will load and run efficiently on all the major browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Safari etc. Third reason behind the increasing popularity of PSD 2 HTML5 is the reduced loading time of the website. PSD files are often large in size that increases the loading time of the website. When you convert PSD design to HTML5, the size of the files is reduced thereby reducing the loading time of the website. A fast loading website contribute in creating happy visitors who might become your customers.

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