How to Find the Best SEO Firm for Your Business Needs

How to Find the Best SEO Firm for Your Business Needs

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It takes a lot of effort and time to perfect your website so it draws the web traffic you need to gain new customers and make your business more profitable. In many cases, it is time that most small business owners don’t have because they are so busy trying to run their companies. Hiring a good Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, firm can help you improve your presence on the Internet and help find the customers you need to be successful.

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How to Locate an SEO Firm

There are many companies that claim to know SEO and advertise their services to help companies improve their Internet presence. However, many of these companies have little experience and many not have the knowledge needed to help your business become more profitable. By knowing what to ask, you can find a good SEO firm with which to work.

How to Locate an SEO Firm

Evaluating Your Website

When interviewing prospective SEO companies, have them evaluate your website to determine what they would do directly to improve it. Ask the firm to check the three most important factors for a website, which are its technical structure, on-page and off-page content, and link profile. These three factors have the most influence on your website’s search engine visibility, with link building the most important factor.

When a firm evaluates your site, they should be able to inform you about which changes they would make, especially in regards to on-page and off-page content. On-page content refers to the parts of your webpage that affect your search engine rankings.

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Off-page content refers to how your site is promoted away from your webpage. A firm may describe keyword changes they would make in regards to your on-page content, while they may talk about making changes to how you promote your site on social media for off-page content.

The firms you are interviewing should also talk about your link profile and what they would do to develop additional links to your website. Along with mentioning the quantity of links, they should also talk about the quality of the links to your site. In some cases, to improve your search engine ranking, the quality of the links is much more important than the number of links to your site.

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Ask for Examples

When you narrow down the choices for the SEO firms you are considering hiring, ask them to show you their “portfolio.” Any firm worth hiring should be able to pull up websites they have developed and give you information about how they helped improve them. They should be able to show you tangible information that shows you the web traffic before and after the firm improved the sites they’ve revamped.

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There are many SEO firms that can do a good job of developing content, promoting your site and driving traffic to your website to help improve sales. Before selecting one, take a look at their own site, such as, to see if you like their style. Their site will be a good example of what they will do for your business.