4 Facebook Marketing Bloopers That Could Damage Your Brand

4 Facebook Marketing Bloopers That Could Damage Your Brand

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Using Facebook as a way to reach out to your audience in a more caring and sharing way has definitely become a ‘must have’ for any small to medium businesses out there. You see, by ignoring this massive audience, you could be missing out on a huge potential market, whichever way you choose to look at it. So if you have already made the move and are enjoying a fantastic response, this article may be of no use to you. But if you are yet to start, or perhaps you already did, and the results kind of suck, then please read our useful guide to Facebook marketing bloopers. Because failure to avoid these all too common issues will not only mean that your campaign could be time waste, you could also be harming your brand in the process.

‘We’ not ‘I’

It doesn’t matter if you work alone or in a large company, whenever you refer to your own brand on your Facebook page, always refer to yourself as a group. This will ensure that you are not being perceived as self-centred and out of touch. Forget about being an individual, for all Facebook status updates, you are now a plural entity, and that’s the way you need to stay!

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Business not Personal

Even though many individuals seem to like using Facebook Pages for their own devices, remember that you are doing this for your brand. Always use your brand name as the profile name and this makes it far easier for people to find you in the Facebook search box. In fact, you could even be violating Facebook rules by failing to follow this simple protocol, and you really do not want to mess with them!

Remove Your URLs from Status Updates or Else!

Okay, we have all done this from time to time, because it is just so easy, but you may be wasting your time posing in the first place. Because your faithful visitors would rather not click on the bloody thing. Remove the link and the text will still remain in the main body and this way, everybody is happy. Just a few details can make all of the difference if you start to think a little more.

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Lazy Posting

Okay, you need to post frequently enough to let your fans know that you are alive and still care about them, but how about that content? By keeping up with a routine that means you are rushed into thinking of some worthy topics, you could be boring your fans into an early exit. Try to ensure that you always manage to generate content that is not only interesting, but is also in line with your brand and overall objectives. If you are trying to reach out to an audience that are interested in aluminum pipe fittings suppliers, ensure that your content will make them both happy and informed. Try and include snippets of the latest trends and current affairs and this way, everyone will be happy!

Number 5?

Hey, we promised 4 and that’s what you’ve got! Simply try changing these bloopers and let us know the results in a few months!

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