4 Email Marketing Bloopers That You Need Like a Hole in The Head

4 Email Marketing Bloopers That You Need Like a Hole in The Head

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If you are seeing less than impressive results from your email marketing campaign, perhaps you should take a closer look at the finer details. The difference between a great email marketing strategy and a poor one are not that easy to spot with an untrained eye. So you may need a little advice on how to make every little tweak effective. Beginners tend to treat this genre of digital marketing with a blasé attitude and pay the price with poor results. We’ve managed to isolate the most common mistakes that email marketers are making in 2014 and have offered a solution on each for your benefit.

Be Consistent

The old method of sending out emails by the shedload is not really the way that this works nowadays. And once you have actually made contact with clients that are interested in your services or products, you’ll do well to think hard about the amount of correspondence that you send their way. Try to set up a regular mailing interval and stick to it for the foreseeable future. If you play it too cool, they will probably assume that you have fallen out of the loop altogether. Try and send these emails during office hours and make the subject line memorable enough to catch their attention.

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Who Are Your Audience?

There is enough software out there to allow you to build up a fairly complete profile about your target audience. So use this effectively and avoid wasting time and effort on the wrong demographic. By understanding the way that these people tick, you ca start to tailor your won marketing in a way that garners results sooner rather than later.

Timing is Everything

Whenever you release a new product or service, you really need to be on the ball with regards your email marketing content. These are golden opportunities and should you miss out on them, you’ll be kicking yourself later on. There is little point in adding these new releases to your website when you could alert your customer base to their existence far easier with an email.

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Customer Listings

Instead of sending a good old blast of emails out to your entire mailing list, try to segregate the customers into appropriate groupings. Some of your clients may be interested in your latest services, whilst others may not be in the slightest bot bothered. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but the returns on your investment will certainly be in your favour. And you customers will also appreciate the fact that you are singling them out for bespoke treatment.


There are a heap of very slick analysis tools that can tell you exactly how your campaign is moving along. If you are marketing a stove repair toronto based business, use these facilities to ensure you are hitting the correct demographic. Otherwise you could be wasting valuable time and actually damage your brand in the meantime.

Any More?

There are a few more classic bloopers, but try and work your way through these 4 bad boys and let us know how you get on!

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