3 Useful Apps For Learning English On Your iOS Device

3 Useful Apps For Learning English On Your iOS Device

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Technology is constantly advancing each day, and that resulted in giving us the ability to improve on our learning processes. Other than conventional learning materials, such as books, notes, or charts, we’re now able to learn directly from external devices such as an iPhone. This way we are blessed with the convenience to learn on the go, especially for non-native English speakers who travel often to English-speaking countries.

If you happen to owe one, you’re in luck! This article will share with you three useful apps you can download on your phone, whether you recently picked up this language to start learning or keep it as a useful companion to help brush up your English skills whenever you’d like to.

WordPowerLearn American English Vocabulary

Brought to you by InnovativeLanguage.com

When you finally understand how a language works and possess the basic foundations of it, the next important step to take is toexpand your vocabulary in it and continue practicing until it’s second nature to you. The WordPower apppossesses a very easy-to-useGUI with the most used and relevantbuilt-in vocabulary library that ranges from tourist destinations, native expressions, love, culinary topics, human body (hands, legs, head), working occupations, and etc.

Do note that this app is basically considered as a word bank. It doesn’t really touch upon other areas such as grammar besides its main focus on vocabulary.


Learn English Grammar

Brought to you by The British Council

When one wants to be able to speak English quickly, they must first grasp the basics and importance of good grammar skills – sometimes this concept is underestimated, which hinders further progress. To some, theymaythis part on learning grammar to bedreary or boring, but no matter, it’s a must for any language that you might want to pick up.

To answer this call for help, The British Council went ahead tobuild this app through to help potential users master their grammar-learning phase in a fun way. With a good balance of theory and practical, users will be able to exercise their knowledge throughMCQs and sentence re-structuring/forming. The app developers believe that from this, users can better understand and learn the grammar rules in an organized way.

It is recommended that users already possess a minimal to basic level of their English language proficiency before using this app (as it is all written in English). But if you’re reading this article, it should mean that you already do know basic English.

EnglishPod on OpenLanguage

Brought to you by OpenLanguage

This app has constructed an amazing multi-language platform in which they’ve incorporated the essence of some of the most prominent language apps like EnglishPod, SpanishPod, and FrenchPod. Apart from downloading the app, for users who select to pay for further subscriptions, they will be allowed to learn all of the mentioned languages as an added privilege.


Their virtual learning table called”Tablet Textbook”, uses a new-age platter of language training apps, and provides both users and students to access all their essential learning materials in one single interface with word translations,sentence-restructuring exercises, andmany more. The learning opportunities do not just stop there, they can get in touch with other students and gain useful feedback and conduct discussions pertaining to their academic courses to expand their learning abilities.

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